The Mum chop, the Mum bun and the Mum do are all words that in simple terms mean “QUICK AND EASY” that’s the way we like it these days.... am I right Mama’s? Well this blog will not only make #milflife easier but also more stylish!

Rewind to the 90’s and if you didn’t own a scrunchie well you just weren’t cool. Fast forward and love it or hate it 2018 is the return of the scrunchie!!!

Here at M.I.L.F life HQ we are obsessed and here’s why:

They make any high pony look better + more volumized – FACT

Headache’s be GONE – Scruchies reduce the risk of headache’s (we all know  those too tight ponytail feels)

They reduce the risk of further breakage and split ends (yes girl)

All the cool celebs are wearing them… Bella, Hailey, J-Lo and Selena

They can take a bad hairday and instantly turn it into a cute hair day

Scrunchies are easy to sleep in

They add a cute statement to your outfit

It’s fun to collect your favorite colours and designs

They’re here to stay!

Are you sold yet?  Check out these shit hot hair do’s AKA ‘hair goals’ we found on pintrest that all feature the return of the good old scrunchie.


We know what you’re thinking… Quick get me to the shops so I can get my hands on some… Well Mama’s you’re in luck!!! We have teamed up with our good friends at Bella May Scruch to offer you 10% OFF their store – Just use the code: MILF


You're welcome,