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So this blog was supposed to go live about a year ago but to be totally honest with you … writing, spelling and grammar isn’t my thing! So NO judgement please.

I went to a school where 2hrs + a day we spent dancing and acting and English was one of my favorite subjects to wag along with math’s (truth bomb)

Having always thought I would end up being a dancer teacher or something to do with Dancing I left school with no idea what to do next and a UAI (are they even called that anymore) that would only get you free drinks at certain bars that considered you a legend for not even trying!

Having worked a few different jobs in retail I landed a job calling Bingo and raffles which in your early 20’s isn’t really considered cool.. But I was earning decent coin for a job where all I had to do was talk. It was all going well until I thought I would spice it up one day. Apparently ‘69 dinner for 2’ isn’t really funny in a room full of people that are over 50.. OPPS!

During my time on the microphone I started to think that radio would be a pretty fun job and shortly after started studying a radio course at my local community radio station. I then landed my dream job working for Nova 96.9 in Sydney where I did everything from being a Casanova driving the station cars around handing out free shit to reception and working in the promotions department. I later transferred to another commercial station in Sydney where I meet the most amazing bunch of people that I consider Family. After 3 years, loads of success and a few radio award nominations I started to lose my passion for the industry and at the same time fell pregnant with my first child.
Riley was born in May 2014 and my heart was complete… I should mention in 2009 I lost my mum who was also my best friend to Cancer in 2009. I would have done anything to have my mum around to meet Riley as I know how much she would have loved him and having that support would have made things a hell of a lot easier. Whilst on Maternity leave my Nan who was my angel fell ill and was in and out of hospital! Having no other family minus my Grandfather who was also not in the best of health I had to look after her and juggle a new born (wasn’t easy) My Nan passed away in 2015 from what I believe was a broken heart after losing her only daughter.

I was due to return to work in 2015 but was offered no flexibility within my role. There was NO WAY I was going to leave my son for 5 days and justifying paying daycare for that many days wasn’t even an option. Long story short I ended up returning to Nova on a 3 day a week contract which ended after a year as again there was no flexibility in the role for a working Mother.

At the same time as returning to work I started an Instagram called M.I.L.F life as a side interest where I would post blog’s like “5 quick hair tips for Mum’s and wardrobe essentials for Mum life” it started to gain a large amount of followers and I became obsessed with creating content for it.

During 2016 my grandfather the last family member I had started to become very unwell and having no other family I was taking him to doctors, hospital and grocery shopping every week. Finding a job at this stage where I could leave at the drop of a hat to attend to my Grandfather and juggle Riley was highly unlikely.

On a hen’s night i started a conversation with a beautiful Mama who told me she had her own candle company and from that a light bulb literally went off and I thought “Why can’t I turn M.I.L.F life into a profitable business for Mum’s that was beyond just a blog and pretty pictures online” I left early and went home to brainstorm!

Having always had a passion for fashion I instantly knew what I wanted M.I.L.F life to become.  When I was pregnant I wasn’t digging the maternity clothes but knew the competition was too big and having only $200 to invest I had to think of something that was unique.

I’m known to be the that loud confident person, I’m crude, rude and love a laugh and I wanted a brand that reflected that. I knew using the word M.I.L.F was controversial and that the brand wasn’t going to be for everyone but I also knew that it could really take off. The word MILF to me no longer meant what we all thought stifflers mum was but rather a Mum that could get up in the morning, chuck on some clothes, do her hair and go to the park with a smile on her face knowing  that she has the best job in the world.

I made a logo with a free app and spent every night googling “Free websites” until I created something I thought looked ok. I took my $200 and invested in some phone cases, stickers and rings that I purchased off ebay and made some swing tags after visiting the local $2 shop. I had no business plan but a shit load of passion and determination!

I used all my skills I had learnt whilst working in promotions as well as any contacts I had made! I sent out PR packs and hit up some MILFS on Instagram and offered them free products in exchange for a tagged post. My Instagram grew and I was making enough money to reinvest in the business and start designing clothes (I had to order small quantities due to funds) I collaborated with an amazing photographer and my hairdresser was my model in my first ever photo shoot.  

From the shoot I was moving more stock and making a part time income of someone working 2 days per week. I was happy that I could spend more time with my son and be there for my grandfather who sadly passed in 2017.

Apart from the birth of my son and the other half dropping the knee the most exciting day of my life was when Kelly Rowland started following M.I.L.F life the label on Instagram. I took the courage to reach out to her and her response was “I love your label and would love to rock it” I was at the park with Riley and had to go home because I half wet myself with excitement (true story) Fast forward to April 2018 when Kelly posted this photo on her Instagram and tagged M.I.L.F life the label.

I had to pinch myself 1000 times because that shit doesn’t happen to someone like me. It was definitely a turning point in both my business and myself. It not only took my business to the next level and grew it financially but it also gave me the confidence boost I needed to believe in myself and what I was creating.

I have recently relocated my life/business to the Gold coast where M.I.L.F life the label has an extremely large customer base. With so many opportunities and exciting things planned over the next few months I believe that M.I.L.F life the label will only grow to be bigger and better with more international exposure and well-known names wearing the label.

For anyone reading this that has that dream or an idea that they have been sitting on I say GO FOR IT. If there is one thing I’ve learnt in life it’s that it’s short and extremely precious don’t waste time, back yourself, take risks, be daring and BELIEVE!

Lana Joy

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